Smart Energy Meter

3 PHASE | 40 A | WIFI

Measured Parameters

  • Individual Line to Neutral Parameters for all 3 Phases
    • Voltages (V)
    • Current (A)
    • Active Power (KW)
    • Reactive Power (RKVA) (Lead and Lag)
    • Apparent Power (KVA)
    • Power Factor
  • Energy
    • Active Energy (KWH)
    • Reactive Energy Lag (RKVA Lag) and Lead (RKVA Lead)
    • Apparent Energy (KVAH)
  • Power Max Demand
    • Active (KWMD) and Apparent Power Max Demand (KVAMD)

access the data

  • Our Smart Energy Meter records the data every 1 minute.
  • It requires Internet over WiFi, to upload the data on our Cloud Server.
  • Then you can login to our Cloud Portal and access that data.
  • We also offer "HTTPS POST JSON" API for Machine to Machine Communication, So that you will be able to fetch data into your system.
  • For more information, Click below to download PDF Manual.

Electrical Connections


Internet over WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n)

Click below button to download the Manual showing, how you can configure your premises WiFi network into the meter. So that, Meter will connect to your WiFi network and then uploads data on our Cloud Server.


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