Smart Energy Meter

About NSM Solutins -

We, "NSM Solutions", are a proprietorship-based company founded by Mr. Nishad Mande, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Being in Operation since the year 2010, We have earned a lot of reputation in the field of "Electrical Test Bench" manufacturing for Electrical Switchgear products and have been serving various switchgear giants like Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Havells, Schaltbau, L&T, GE, Crompton Greaves and much more.

Our in-house design and development team having core knowledge of Industrial Automation, Embedded Systems, Cloud Server Infrastructure and Cloud Software Development, has made us Pioneer in the field of IoT, Industry 4.0.


About our Product "Smart Energy Meter" -

Our "Smart Energy Meter" is very well designed, robust, and tested in very harsh Industrial Environments. And we are still improvising it to make it much better.

As of now, Our Smart Energy Meter relies on WiFi connection to access Internet. Soon, We will be adding more interfaces such as 4G/ 5G etc.

Using Internet connectivity, Our Smart Energy Meter uploads data on our Cloud Server. And from there, You can access that data from your Laptop/ Smart Phone etc.

Data available on our server is of every 1 minute, So you get details of all kind of load fluctuations and power outages etc.

We have designed interfaces, so that any third party systems can communicate with our server and pull data in their systems. It means that Your system can pull meter data (of course the ones, which you are authorized to pull) from our server automatically. Then, You can make your MIS reporting and build other stuff onto it.

Or, We also offer APIs so that third party meters can push their data onto our server and then they can use our system as "Platform as a Service". It means that if you are a Smart Energy Meter Manufacturer but you don't have the expertise that where to upload the data and how to give its access to your clients. Then, Your meter can upload its data on our Cloud server, and their onwards, your clients can access all nice interactive reporting features which our cloud software has.

We are also aligned with India's Electricity Act, which focuses on Rational Tariff, Quality Monitoring, and much more. So our Cloud software will soon have those kind of data.

Thus, Our product of "Smart Energy Meter" is a future ready product and ramping up soon.

We are looking to appoint Stocking/ Marketing Executives in various Countries/ States and districts and states. So, if you are interested, please reach out to us.

As a Business Prospect, We feel that the "Smart Energy Meter" market is exponentially growing. Thus, We are willing to partner with like-minded people and form a team to cater to the market to a greater extent.

We are ideally expecting that, If you can handle sales, marketing, etc, We will be glad to support you as technical backbone handling Development, Production, etc. In that case, You can sell the products with your brand name and we will support you from behind to your team.

Or, If you are interested in buying our entire design, We have not thought on it yet, but that also can be considered.

Anyway, We are also open to your ideas as well. So if you are interested in long term business partnership or something of any kind, do reach out to us.

Thanks !!!